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I swear, whoever is in charge of itemization at Blizzard must be the least creative person in the world. I have seen at least seventy items from Naxx posted so far, and sixty nine of them is the same boring crap I'm already wearing (the sole exception is the Ashbringer).

Stats? Check. Plus to crit? Check. Plus to damage? Check. Healing? Check. Mana regeneration? Check.

Wow. Bestill my beating heart.

It would be great if you could give us interesting new items rather than just feeding us the same stuff with bigger numbers. How long do you think you can keep us interested if you don't start spicing up your items?

Look at Magic the Gathering. Imagine if every card in that game was a vanilla creature. Can you imagine being excited at the prospect of a new set coming out? "Oh boy, a 37/37 with no abilities! This is way better than the 35/35 I have now!"


Mostly has to do with fear. The WoW dev's are very different from the d2 guys, who as best i could tell, had free reign to do whatever they wanted.

In WoW, everything is formulized and regulated, the few items in the game that are truely unique, like Invulnerable Mail, and Thunderfury, got nerfed. Other items that have unique abilities, like the Claw set from ZG (turn into a raging tiger) are overall so weak and proc so rarely that they just dont matter.

MtG also has rules it works from in terms of card balance (meaning basically, manacost-to-effect), but they have 10 years worth of mistakes to teach them how far they can go in any direction without breaking the game (though periodically they do print some new, fun card and then ban it as a "mistake").


I think they are doing better with items like the relics. Made those much cooler than wands.


The relics gives me hope. The other thing that shows me that they know what they could be doing is the new items set bonuses. A lot of those bonuses are types of effects that (at least for druids) we haven't seen before. So they're taking baby steps in the right direction, but they still are relying on big numbers to impress people.

It's funny, because a lot of peoples response to why WoW can't be like MtG is because the devs are worried about the power levels of items. But when you think about it, MtG strives for game balance far more than WoW does. In Magic, you will never find a direct damage spell more efficient than lightning bolt, you will never find a counterspell more efficient than counterspell. They have managed with a suprising amount of success to set benchmarks for themselves and to develop 13 years worth of content by creating variations to those benchmarks, not negating them with every new expansion.


Counterspell more efficient then counterspell:
Mana Drain
No burn more powerful then lightning bolt has been printed primarily because lightning bolt is seen as "too good" to begin with.

Even the stock "counterspell" is seen as too powerful in todays meta, which is one of the reasons i no longer care overmuch about the current game (T2). WotC has avoided power creep by making everything suck worse and worse as newer sets were printed (except creatures, which have been buffed since the kiddies love their creatures so much).

The metric equivalent of blizzard adopting this strategy would be to close-down and remove from the game MC, BWL, AQ, along with the 20-mans, and open up instances on the DM level, with each successive instance have items of identical quality but with the stats shuffled around abit or some "unique" ability that wouldn't actually matter or do shit.

Of course, those of us who had already gotten their gear from those zones would be light years ahead of those who hadn't, so they'd need to open up different classes of battlegrounds and restrict pvp between people depending on the gear sets they were using.

As for the 13 years of magics life and umpteen sets printed, i'd have to agree that it does display alot of creative energy to keep a game going for so long, but realize that the vast majority of the new content is rehashed shit. Scathe Zombie version 293 mark IV, with an ability you care even less about then Scathe Zombie version 289 mark III.

Dont get me wrong, i love magic, i can waste away countless hours pondering deck builds (its great mind-candy), and as many hours playing the game when i friends in town who share the interest (currently all scattered to the winds). But the two games are very different.

To a large extend, mmogs are about character progression. If you haven't noticed, the side-grade/marginal upgrade bullshit blizzard already gives murders the motivation of many.

Magic is able to survive off the "side grade" model because its more complex (card interaction) and the sweeping changes you can make to the game by playing specific cards.

MMOG's have shown Players Can't Have Nice Things. Meaning, we can't be allowed to affect the game world in any meaningful manner, because that power will always be used to simply deface the game world and make the playing experience of others as miserable as possible. Give druids the ability to plant and spontaneously grow trees and the first fucking thing it will be used for is to trap people inside of inns. They wont let druids turn into Hawks and fly around because such an ability is "to powerful"...


Mana drain is in some ways an improvement, but it also opens up the possibility of you taking damage to mana burn. That made me think of a trinket they could make "Your next spell cast will crit. This effect lasts for five seconds. If you do not cast a spell within five seconds, take 1k damage" See, that's an interesting trinket.

I'm not saying they can't slowly inflate things. You don't need to restrict yourselves to one power level, but when your items have things like interesting side grades, you won't get lvl 60 warriors running around with lvl 84 axes nearly as fast.

I also don't think that you would have to shut down down the raid instances to do this. Viscidus is an excellent example of a fight that is more about an idea than just putting out big numbers. There are a lot of avenues for side grading that Blizzard isnt really exploring, and there are a lot of boss fights that you could design around those side grades.
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