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Requiem and Trauma

So, here is the story:

Lexipie was a priest in our guild, and a girl in real life. A large number of people didn't like her, ranging from finding her annoying, to outright contempt (personally, I had her on permamute). In her defense, she had good attendance, rarely ninjalogged when things were getting shitty, and provided lots of mats for the guild.

Unbeknownst to many, she and another Req priest, Angie, were e-dating. Last week they broke up, and started fighting, apparently along the lines of "this guild isn't big enough for the two of us". Lexi talked to Feneshem (a guild leader, unfortunately) about this, and Feneshem said that he would defend Lexi, although Angie is the better priest out of the two of them.

At the same time, our guild is trying to kill C'Thun. One of the interesting things about this fight is that for the first stage, gear can be almost irrelevant, it is all about skill. But every attempt we are getting stupid, avoidable deaths from people who just don't pay attention. It was the decision of the GLs that we cancel all other raiding for awhile until we killed C'thun. This didn't sit well with a lot of people- it means we are not gearing up our new people, or giving them needed practice on high end encounters. Those who were proponents of going to BWL were frequently labelled greedy lootwhores who just wanted more epics instead of the honor of getting a server first. One of the people who supported going to BWL was Angie, while Feneshem opposed it.

So, Angie quit the guild because he felt that was what the GLs wanted (which might have been true of Fen, but that was not shared among the others). He took Cera (another priest) with him. The next day a lot of people were upset when they discovered we had lost two good, geared, active priests because Fen had sided with Lexi. Hoei and Thormx (both druids) quit, Hoei being the person who hates Lexi most. Now, Requiem was already really short on healers - the majority of our priests had been in the guild less than a month and of dubious quality. Shamans were better, but had sporadic attendance. Druids were the backbone; we are only supposed to have three spots in the raid for druids, but there were typically five to seven (out of eight total druids, compared to two to five priests showing up out of fourteen). At the same time, Ninjaskillzy announced he would be unable to play for several months, dropping us down to four active druids.

We lost a few other people in the following days, mostly out of the "rats fleeing a sinking ship" mentality. Finally, GLs announced they we were getting a revamp to the DKP system that would encourage new people to raid more, and Lexipie quit the guild. All the people who left came back, along with a few older departures. But there was still the problem of priests, and that we were just barely getting enough people online for raids.

So, a merger between Requiem and Traumahawk was proposed. This would allow both guilds to get rid of the chaff that they only kept in the guild because they needed people to fill raid slots. I was excited about it, I thought most other people were too, but apparently it is not going to happen, at least right now. Either because of egos, or concerns about losing loot, or because (and I hope it's Exiled people saying this on alts, because it's the stupidest thing a Trauma person could say) Requiem is on the verge of collapse, and once we gdisband Trauma will just pick up all the best Requiem people anyways.

However, Requiem is not disbanding, at least not yet. We have a new DKP system, and for the next few weeks will be doing a low stress raiding schedule of three days a week to give newer members a chance to get geared up, and so that we don't lose existing people to burnout.

So, that's the inside scoop on the Requiem drama as of late.
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Thanks for the inside scoop. I was wondering what was going on.