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So Zach says I can start doing MC at 3/8 Beaststalker!?!?! zomgomg. Right now I am hiding behind a wall in an empty Gurubashi arena, estimating that I'll get the trinket for free as there is NOBODY PLAYING. Besides of course punkinhaid and her posse.

This is the problem, is that most of my playing time is during low-traffic school days. I'm thinking about maybe posting on the Mag forum in search of like-scheduled people. Should I just be sitting in UC spamming LFG?

I've got about half a level to go, and then I think I'll spend my mount savings on Bloodsoul Shoulders. Oh they're so delicious looking.

Short John Mithril takes his sweet-ass time.

Stupid no 5-man groups on a Thursday morning.
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okay, it's bullshit because one ne rogue shouldn't be able to just win the chest with one move bc there are only two people in the arena and he has the longest stun in the game.

fucking night elves
you know whats better than the arena trinket? +2% crit.