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The Smulch Thing

The last post is getting buried in my archives, so I'm going to continue this here.

Smulch is a bad tank. There are a lot of things he doesn't really understand (he thinks hp is an unimportant stat for tanks), and there are encounters that he can't wrap his head around to tank them effectively (Huhuran). Plus, he REFUSES to talk on vent, even in cases where it is incredibly useful (Nefarian).

While he did have qualities I appreciated (he was a strong proponent of killing the raid dragons before the GLs grasped that they were necessary for endgame progression), he was for the most part incredibly argumentative, disrespective of other guild members, and more than anyone else I've seen in Warcraft he seemed to gather no enjoyment from playing the game.

Inevitably, his attitude led to him being widely despised within the guild. He eventually decided that he had enough of us, respecced fury, and told people he was quitting in ten days. The GLs decided to kick him after two.
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That's kinda strange, because the one person I know better than anyone else in your guild - Blueviper - embodies the exact opposite of these qualities. He has a giant amount of fun playing this game, is nice to everyone even when we laugh at how his gear clashes, and, um, never has a problem with talking in Vent.

How can a tank think HP is an unimportant stat?

Most TFF drama seems to be resolved for the moment. People were laughing about Gone and Lexi's "private priest chat," but it turns out they were actually talking about priest stuff. This was mildly disappointing.